International University of Finance was founded in 1993 as an institution of higher education.
Founders of the University:

  • National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
  • European Institute of Technology (Paris)
  • Association of Ukrainian Banks
  • “Banking house”

The University has been dynamically developing since its creation as an educational and methodical complex, with one of the most prestigious and worldwide known NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.
The development model of the International University of Finance provides for the successful synthesis of classical university traditions alongside innovative approaches in educational activities with a focus on such strategic values as combination of academic and research activities, formation of new knowledge, intensive development of business relations and relations with the international community.
Major efforts of the administration and members of the Supervisory Board are aimed at the development of modern educational programs and their updating by means of introducing best practices of leading foreign and domestic higher educational institutions, taking into account the needs of the domestic and international labor markets.

The University realizes educational programs at the level of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

At present, the University has developed new financial bachelor’s/master’s programs “Financial Analyst” and the Master’s program “Financial Engineering”, whose presenting into the educational process was due to the great demand of specialists for the financial market, able to analyze and evaluate trends in different industries and capable of conducting financial analysis of economic processes in accordance with the requirements of today. The target audience of the master’s programs is the graduates of leading technical and economic institutions of the country with a high level of mathematical training and focused on work in the financial sector.

The priority for the university was to open in 2017 new educational bachelor’s programs “International business and analytics” and master’s programs “International business”, “International finance”, and “International economics”. These are the intensive modern educational programs that meet the most up-to-date trends in business education. The uniqueness of the programs is to combine two focuses – international business and business analytics, which enables training highly qualified analysts and trend makers in international economics, international finance and international business.

The relevance of educational master’s program “Electronic Business”, introduced in 2017, was due to a great need of training specialists for e-business. With the development of information technology an interdisciplinary nature of e-business will only grow. Today, the competence of specialists in this area is in great demand in all business areas since modern business uses Internet technologies not only for the purpose of informing and advertising, but also for the development and sale of goods and services as well as for the integrated management of company resources.

In 2017 the University for the first time introduces modern master’s programs for different life spheres: “Business management in the industry of health and beauty”, “Economics and management in retail”, “Management in the tourism industry”. A targeted training of highly qualified analysts and strategists who have the tools and methods of strategic management and have specific industry knowledge, meet the requirements of businesses in these industries.

Benefits for bachelor’s / master’s programs
1. Individual educational path. Students choose a large number of disciplines of their major.
2. Synergy of Finance, Mathematics and WEB-technologies. Our students at the Academic Certification Center SAP receive unique knowledge and practical skills in using financial, managerial, and information technologies in the development of TERP10 SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes and other information programs.
3. The programs are practically oriented. Students are offered master classes and various projects that allow them to participate in solving real life problems that companies can encounter.
4. In-depth study of English at the Center for Foreign Languages is obligatory.
Students can also optionally study French, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish and other languages.
5. Highly qualified teaching staff. The program is run by leading university lecturers. The project partners are actively involved in the project work, as well as entrepreneurs.
6. Students of the program can take part in international internships or undergraduate studies in one of the programs of double diplomas, with a departure to study abroad and obtaining two diplomas.

Public education programs “Two degrees”. The University, together with the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz (Poland), the University of Du Men (France), Vienna University of Applied Sciences (Austria), implements joint bachelor’s and / or master’s programs with a trip to study abroad and obtaining two diplomas – a bachelor’s or master’s degree MUF and a bachelor’s or master’s degree from one of the foreign partner universities.

Training programs according to the model “Parallel Education”. Students who have been studying at any higher educational institution for at least one year obtaining an educational bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to receive a bachelor’s degree in their chosen specialty in accordance with the relevant program within a 3-year period.

Training programs according to the model of “Second education”. The University offers master’s programs for those who wish to earn an educational master’s degree in economics, finance, and management within 2 years.

Preparing postgraduates – Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) – is carried out in the fields of:
051 Economics
072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 Management

MBA programs: ‘Investment Management’, ‘Finance and Banking’, ‘Management of company development’ for executives, business owners, business analysts. All programs are based on the latest theoretical concepts and advanced applied achievements. In 2017 the Executive MBA program “Transformation and Business Development: New Solutions” was opened for senior executives, business owners, project managers.

To ensure a high level of students’ training, the students have at their disposal the facilities of the university centers: Distance Learning Center “Virtual International University”; SAP Academic Certification Center; Center of foreign languages. Research Centers: Center for International Economics and Business; Center for entrepreneurship; Business Incubator; Center for Financial Analyst.

International cooperation
International University of Finance is currently implementing educational and research projects within Erasmus +, Horizon 2020, establishing cooperation with Universities in different parts of the world: The University of Applied Sciences Vienna University of Applied Sciences (WKW); University Du Maine (Université du Maine, Le Mans, France); IAE Aix Marseille Graduate School of Management (Aix-en-Provence, France); University of Economics in Bydgoszcz (WSG), Poland; International University of Logistics and Transportation in Wroclaw (MWSLiT), Poland; Chicago University of Chicago Booth School of Business; USA; University of Indianapolis, USA.

Scientific research
Scientific activities at the University are carried out in the form of both organizational research and individual research projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, financial activity, management. All the scientific research is carried out within the scientific research topic “Scientific and practical grounds of the development of financial and economic activities and management of enterprises, organizations and institutions”. The University departments develop their own initiative scientific topics that correspond to the scientific field of the university’s activities.
Main directions of research are supported and developed due to the problems of PhD dissertations, topics of scientific conferences and seminars.

Educational staff
The university has a highly qualified teaching staff. Our lecturers take advanced training at leading universities and professional organizations; they are experienced researchers and consultants, use modern techniques in business education as well as are aware of advanced concepts in finance, economics and management, and have exceptional knowledge of business in Ukraine. For implementation of educational programs of bachelor and master’s level, MBA programs actively co-work with business partners programs, entrepreneurs, as well as teachers of leading domestic and foreign universities.

Corporate communications
The University cooperates with CISCO, “PrivatBank”, “Ukrgasbank”, “Oschadbank”, MTS, Nestle, Coca-Cola Ukraine, Kyivstar GSM, “Kraft Foods Ukraine”, SUN Inbev Ukraine, BNP Paribas, Tatra Pak, Scania Ukraine, Ernst & Young, Ashan, UkrAvto and many others. It provides the students with an opportunity of having a quick access to the necessary information, guidance materials, practical training and internships. System connections with them are developed through the Career Development Service.
Results and achievements of the International University of Finance clearly indicate that the university has shaped itself as a leading higher educational institution in the field of training highly qualified and competitive specialists for the Ukrainian economy.