Forms of studying:
• Full time
• Executive

Duration of studying:
• Full time – 1 year 6 months (based on economic bachelor’s degree), 2 years (based on others bachelor’s degrees)

Language of studying:

Students will receive a Ukrainian diploma at the end of study

The cost of program:

Topicality. The approach to tourism industry is traditionally considered as the most dynamically developing one. Today the commercial success of tourism companies depends on accuracy and timeliness of strategic and operative management decisions. That is why the educational program “Management in Tourism Industry” is oriented at preparing highly qualified analytics and strategic managers in the tourism industry that can use tools and methods of strategic management, have specific knowledge, can manage and develop tourism business according to the world level standards.

The aim of the program “Management in Tourism Industry” is to prepare highly qualified specialists who:

  • Find priority tourist destinations and make strategic decisions, evaluate political and economic opportunities and risks of doing business;
  • Build and choose corporate, business, marketing strategies of company’s functioning and development;
  • Find and evaluate new market opportunities, form and evaluate business ideas, create business models for new business;
  • Evaluate and prepare technical and economic provision of innovative projects in the tourism industry on different levels: regional, municipal and on the level of different companies;
  • Realize the project activity according to unique characteristics of the tourism industry;
  • Use deep specific knowledge of cross cultural interaction developing and realizing a wide range of tourism projects including international projects;
  • Can manage the projects of consulting with the client;
  • Manage the projects of business internationalization.

To acquire all these competencies, the students are to study of the following disciplines:

  1. Econometrics. Organizational Behavior. Marketing. Business Strategies in Tourism Industry. Modern Strategic Analysis. Quantitative Methods of Research.
  2. Global Competition and Competitiveness of Tourism Business in New Economics. Tourism Activity. Project Management in Tourism Industry. Management of Service Organizations. Service Activity in Tourism Industry. Marketing in Tourism Industry. Information Technologies in Tourism Industry. E-commerce in Tourism Industry. Customer Centric Business. Economics and Finances in Tourism Industry. HR Management in Tourism Industry. International Tourism Business.
  3. Systematic Dynamics. Marketing Communications in Internet and New Media. Brand Management. Innovative Project Management. Competences Development in Project Management. Management of Project’s Team. Marketing and Branding of Territories. Team Forming and Team Methods. B2B Marketing. Cross Cultural Management.

Target audience.
Target audience of this master’s program is the alumni of top universities of Ukraine and other European countries who want to add to their basic knowledge a deep understanding of management in the tourism industry. They can build a successful career in tourism company or start their own business in their country or abroad.
The demand of professional managers in the tourism industry is growing every day.

The advantages of the program “Management in Tourism Industry”:

  • The program is oriented at gaining practical experience in the sphere;
  • Deep knowledge of the English language. After the second year of study students can pass the qualifying exam according to international standards. Students can also have an opportunity to study any other language, such as French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, etc. in the Center of Foreign Languages in the International University of Finance.
  • Some courses include real life interaction with business people from Ukrainian and international companies;
  • Students can choose the subjects of their interest;
  • Students take part in project-research seminars “Modern Problems of Tourism Industry”;
  • Students can visit workshops, master classes, cases, projects and seminars that are carried out by highly qualified managers;
  • Students can take part in the international study courses, visit European partner universities of International University of Finances;
  • Student can study in the evenings and on Saturdays.
  • Students can build strong relations for their future career.