Forms of studying:
• Full time
• Executive

Duration of studying:
• Full time – 1 year 6 months (based on economic bachelor’s degree), 2 years (based on others bachelor’s degrees)

Language of studying:

Students will receive a Ukrainian diploma at the end of study

The cost of program:

Master’s program “International Business” is aimed at training managers, analytics and strategic managers of global companies. The program is developed on the basis of the united experience of masters’ teaching international business in leading European universities.

The objective of the program “International Business” is to prepare highly qualified specialists who:

  • Can analyze foreign markets;
  • Are able to evaluate political and economic opportunities and risks of conducting business in different countries and regions;
  • Can manage corporate finances and make investment decisions;
  • Know business cultures of the world and have skills of business negotiations;
  • Understand the features of conducting business in political, law, social and cultural contexts of different countries;
  • Are able to find and evaluate new market opportunities, form and evaluate business ideas as well as develop business plans for new business;
  • Can choose the right marketing strategy and use marketing and advertising budget effectively;
  • Can manage the projects of consulting the clients;
  • Solve the issues of strategic planning and choose the best corporate strategy;
  • Manage the projects of business internationalization;
  • Find, analyze and show the data for research or project realization.

To provide the students with all these competences in the field of international business the master’s program includes the studying of the following disciplines:

  1. International Economics. Organizational Behavior. The Strategies in Management. Strategic Management in International Companies. Quantitative Methods of Research in Management.
  2. Modern Strategic Analysis. Strategy of International Business. International Marketing. International Accounting and Analysis. Economics of Management. International Corporate Finances. Business Cultures of the World. The Technique of Business Negotiations. Professional Manager Competences. Customers’ Behavior. Digital Marketing-Management.
  3. Corporate Management in International Companies. Law Aspects in International Business. International Financial Management. International Marketing Strategies. International Marketing Researches. Global Talent Management. International Entrepreneurship. International Commercial Deals. International Advertising. Corporate Management in International Companies. International Operative Management and Supply Chain Management. Online Pay Systems. Digital Currency and Cybercrime.

Target audience.
Target audience of this master’s program is the alumni of top technical and economical universities of Ukraine and other European countries that are oriented at working in international business.
The program “International Business” suits ideally for those people who want to add to their basic knowledge a deep understanding of international business. They can build a successful career in the international company or start their own business in their country or abroad.
Our program is created for ambitious dynamic students who can plan their time and concentrate on fulfilling intellectual assignments.

The advantages of the program “International Business” are the following:

  • The program is oriented at gaining practical experience in the sphere;
  • Deep knowledge of the English language. After the second year of study students can pass the qualifying exam according to international standards. Students can also have an opportunity to study any other language, such as French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, etc. in the Center of Foreign Languages in the International University of Finance.
  • Some courses include real life interaction with business people from Ukrainian and international companies;
  • Students can choose the subjects of their interest;
  • Students take part in the project-research seminars “Modern Problems of International Business”;
  • Students can visit workshops, master classes, cases, projects and seminars that are carried out by highly qualified managers;
  • Students can take part in the international study courses, visit European partner universities of International University of Finances;
  • Student can study in the evenings and on Saturdays;
  • Students can build strong relations for their future career.