Forms of studying:
• Full time
• Executive

Duration of studying:
• Full time – 4 years
• Executive – 4 years

Language of studying:

The quantity of ECTS credits: 240

Students will receive a Ukrainian diploma at the end of study

The cost of program:

Topicality. The approach to tourism industry is traditionally considered as the most dynamically developing one. Today the commercial success of tourism companies depends on accuracy and timeliness of strategic and operative management decisions. That is why the educational program “Tourist Business” is oriented at training high qualified middle level specialists in the industry of national and international tourism.

The objects of alumni’s activity are:

  • Organization of tourist products and services’ development and realization;
  • Organization of tourism enterprises’ activity;
  • Implementation of innovative tourism products;
  • Information and marketing support of tourism products;
  • Quality management and competition of tourism services.

The aim of the program “Tourist Business” is to prepare highly qualified specialists with the ability to:

  • Analyze and evaluate political and economic factors and risks of business;
  • Find and evaluate new market opportunities, form and evaluate business ideas, create business plans and business models for new business in tourism industry;
  • Evaluate and prepare technical and economic provision of innovative projects in tourism industry;
  • Realize project activities according to unique characteristics of the tourism industry;
  • Use deep specific knowledge of cross cultural interaction while developing and realizing wide-range tourism projects, international projects including.

The scope of disciplines studied during the program “Tourist Business” includes:

  1. Economic Theory. Microeconomics. Macroeconomics. Economic Analysis. Industry Analysis. Econometrics. Mathematics for Economists. Probability Theory and Math Statistics. Financial Accounting. Statistics. Marketing. Business Strategies in Tourism Industry. Modern Strategic Analysis. Quantitative Methods of Researches.
  2. International Economics. International Accounting. International Tourism Business. Tourism Resources of Different Countries. Tourism Marketing. Organization of Tourism Business. Financial and Investment Decisions. Entrepreneurship. Technology of Tourism Business. The Market of Tourism Services. Culture, Traditions and Etiquette in the World.
  3. Organization of Restaurant and Hotel Business. SAP Technologies in Enterprise Activity. Organization of Excursion and Animation Activity. Innovations in Tourism. Logistics in Tourism Business. Tour Operating. Law Regulators of Tourism Business.

The advantages of the program “Tourist Business” are the following:

  1. An individual educational trajectory. Students choose a lot of specific disciplines.
  2. Acquiring a unique experience in the project work. Student can participate in master classes and projects oriented at solving practical problems of real tourism enterprises.
  3. Deep knowledge of the English language. After the second year of study students can pass the qualifying exam according to international standards. Students can also have an opportunity to study any other language, such as French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, etc. in the Center of Foreign Languages in the International University of Finance.
  4. Highly qualified educational staff. Only the best professors and associate professors lecture the courses within this program. University’s business partners and entrepreneurs work with the students during their projects.